Oklahoma Medicare Supplement Insurance

At age 65, you’re eligible for Medicare. While this is great news, Medicare alone doesn’t pay for everything. In fact, even with Medicare, out-of-pocket expenses can end up costing you thousands of dollars or more. Many folks are considering Medicare Supplement Insurance to help pay for some of these expenses. Deductibles, copays, even coinsurance are not covered by Medicare and for seniors who visit the doctor regularly, these costs can add up fast. Take some time to read about how supplement insurance can benefit you and make an informed decision when and if you’re ready to pursue additional coverage.

What is Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Medicare Supplement insurance, also called “Medigap” insurance, is private health insurance designed to supplement Original Medicare. It’s different from a Medicare Advantage plan because it doesn’t provide your Medicare benefits, but rather, it adds to them. In Oklahoma, there are ten Medigap plans available, each identified by a different letter of the alphabet and each offering different combinations of benefits.

Plan F is the most popular because it provides the most comprehensive benefit package. With Plan F, your deductible, copays and coinsurance are covered, meaning you never have to pay out-of-pocket to visit the doctor.

Medicare Supplement Plans are Standardized

The federal government standardizes all plans. This means that every company selling policies must make the same benefits available for each plan. In other words, a plan F offered by one company must contain the exact same minimum benefits as a plan F offered through another carrier. While this makes comparison shopping easier, it also draws attention to the fact that the only real differences between providers concerning Medicare Supplement insurance is cost and reliability.

Choose Your Provider Wisely

Even though you’re still getting the same benefits from your Medigap policy regardless of who sells it to you, you’re not guaranteed to get the same level of dependability. Make certain to choose only quality, reliable providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma and rest assured that when you need benefits, your insurance company will deliver. There’s a reason why BCBS of Oklahoma is the most trusted name in insurance. With more than 70 years of reliable service to back their name, they’ve earned the trust and support of the community.

For many folks, Medicare Supplement insurance is an important part of securing reliable medical coverage at a price they can afford. By eliminating out-of-pocket expenses, the cost of receiving regular medical treatment is more affordable. Take some time to understand what plans are available to you and how they work for your medical needs and budget.

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