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  • We offer Great Commissions and Renewals
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  • Top Notch Systems including CRM and Dialer
  • All Leads are provided by our Company
  • Product and Sales Training
  • On-going support from our Team
  • Dedicated Customer Service & Retention Team
  • Processing Team
  • Email Drip Marketing
  • Business Cards and Thank You Cards
  • Exclusive Leads from one of the leading carriers in the industry

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“As an educator turned insurance agent, I was introduced to SSI/CDIS 3 years ago and haven’t looked back. I found my niche clientele, developed the work/life balance I needed as a single mother, and found incredible achievement. The lead distribution system, calling schedule, and dialing software contributed greatly to my success, maintaining status as a top agent all three years with SSI/CDIS”.- Jenna Boonzaaijer


“I have been working at SSI/CDIS since 2012. I knew NOTHING about insurance. I knew NOTHING about selling. I just wanted to have a job that would allow me to work from home and have the flexibility I wanted for my future. When I first started out I just did what I was told and learned as I went. Having access to the training was priceless. Moreover, our team is great! Everyone is happy to help each other and support one another. I cannot say enough about the family-like environment we have at SSI/CDIS. Everyone supports each other. We have valuable leads and a top-notch system. In the 11 years I’ve worked at SSI/CDIS I have never regretted a day!”-Brittany Riddle


“Being a part of the SSI/CDIS and TIM has changed my way of life in a way I never thought imaginable. I begin my career with this team in 2012. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to leave in 2015. In 2019 things changed for me and I was able to work again and they accepted me with open arms. The trainings and support system are amazing. ALL trainings are live and all of them are recorded. Everything is there at my fingertips which leaves the guess work out. The leads are provided and are top notch. I have been able to build and maintain the income I have always desired with the flexible schedule I have always wanted. It feels so good to work with a team that works with you. Everyone is helpful as we are all working together to meet our goals”. – Beverly Sandersfeld 


“I have been in the medical field most of my life and it’s truly my passion. After spending years being an EMT and 911 Operator, I was looking for a career that would allow for more work-life balance. I found that with SSI/CDIS. I cannot express how thankful I am to be able to have a rewarding career as well as time with my family. I’ve missed out on so many birthdays and holidays in the past and now I have that back! I also knew nothing about insurance when I began, but this team is incredible and truly the best at giving me the tools I need to be successful. This was the career and the company I needed.”- Kayla Hahn


“I have been working with SSI/CDIS since 2021, and I can confidently say this has been the best company I have ever worked with! We have such an amazing and supportive team that makes me love my job just that much more! I have been given amazing opportunities to continue to grow. We are not just colleagues; we are a family!”- Lauren Walsh


“Training, support, encouragement and the feeling of family and a way to have work/life balance….that is what we have here.   Whether you are brand new to the Insurance world or have been around for years, CDIS is like nothing you will ever experience. I have done many lines of insurance sales and worked for many companies.  I came back to CDIS 2 years ago and it has been the best decision. You get support, love, encouragement, and everything you need to accomplish your personal goals. You work for yourself but never by yourself.”- Lesli McFalls 


“CDIS/SSI has provided me with the opportunity to expand my sales skills in the health/Medicare supplement field farther than I ever thought possible. For over three years I struggled to sell 2 or 3 policies a week. After completing the training provided by CDIS/SSI and using Jenn’s product knowledge I have been able to increase my sales to 7-10 policies per week. If you want to be the best you must learn from the best and that is the opportunity you have with CDIS/SSI”- Marc Lallier


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